Route 15 is an ongoing online comic/manga/webcomic set in present day Las Vegas, Los Angeles and the infamous Interstate 15 in the Mojave Desert. Its story was created around 2006-2007 by OrneryJen and Vince Santos (Bromme) but it wasn't until the Fall 2008 that the story became what is today. This comic is divided in three acts/parts with an estimated length of 250 pages.

I try to keep this project at a PG-13 level but because this comic contains language, drugs, violence, disruption of the peace and some poor choice of role models (and other things that teenagers are not going to understand) this comic is geared towards "adults" 21 and up. Also, don't attempt anything (stupid) you see here in real life. Seriously.


"You could really use some hookers and blow."

The wandering protagonist and travelling musician in trouble, who is also the reluctant right-hand man of his grampa's buisiness. Keith can be sarcastic but also a laid back and solid type of guy who has a love of life and its pleasures and an even bigger love for the ladies. What place serves a guy like Keith better than Vegas?

"Dishonesty is the best policy"

The unpredictable and resilient Danny is a hopeless delivery truck driver who finds his first day on the job a living hell thanks to Keith. Danny shows great pride in his "work", but he seems to be hiding a lot of secrets, including his desperation to reach Los Angeles.

The Coyote:
"The best part is, no one knows how to kill him!"

A towering, formidible and seemingly invincibe guy who tracks our heroes(?) down. Not much is known about this fearsome individual and there are many speculations who his real name might be, although the very few lucky survivors simply like to call him "The Coyote" or "”The Radioactive Zombie from East Outer Space Arkansas”.



Why are your updates so random/take so damn long?

I have a joooooob.

Why make this comic?

I like wiriting screenplays and I still continue to do so, but I think the chances of it ever getting produced are somewhat nil at this point. A comic is closed to something on film. Route 15 is a screenplay I've been working on and the webcomic is an abridged version of the story I'm still currently working on and it serves as a swan song to the city I entered and left behind: Vegas. The comic is also an experiment on taking a non-linear approach to the traditional three-act story.

What's up with your drawing/manga style on this comic? There's nothing Japanese about this story.

I don't know. That's how I roll.

Which characters belong to their respective owners?

Keith, Kelly and Roland are Vince's (Bromme) characters. Danny, Aurora, Joe, Melvin and Fluffy are mines (apparently, the first two are named from two Foo Fighters songs). This project comes from a long-ago RP thing and the comic pretty much bastardizes our original characters.

If Route 15 was a film, who would you want to play who?

Danny Trejo for Roland and John Leguizamo for Melvin. Hands down.

Is it possible to get a wandering musician and a FedUps/FedEx delivery truck driver stranded in Interstate 15?

Considering that 1) FedEx uses eighteen-wheelers to ship packages long distances 2) there aren't any powerlines directly along the shoulder to crash into and 3) Interstate 15 this is a popular interstate with call boxes and the CHP at every mile... It's just not likely. But I wouldn't have a comic to draw if real life applied!

Who the heck is Psychobob?

Psychobob is a bright orange pet fish with big sharp teeth who likes eating sushi. You'll see him somewhere.


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